Hm, lately I´ve checked out the 500px.com website. There´s many beautiful pictures, but I think it is too “citchy”.. It´s all about colours (and sunsets).
People love colours, and that´s just fine. But the reality isn´t close to what is shown on the 500px site.
I loose interest in a photo when overkilling with HDR. Stunning colours, yes. But I miss the soul, I want to feel more when looking at a photo. The HDR just gives me a distance to it.
I kind of slip and fall on the slippery feeling these pictures gives me.
And it is not just the HDR, it´s just as much people using the contrast, saturation, etc. In general too much photoshopping. And I´ve done it myself..sorry.

Indeed, there´s stunning photos, but I miss the “edge” of it. Where is the soul of the photographers? I have difficulty to find it.
And of course, many beautiful girls also appears on this website. And that will always be popoular. That´s for shure.