Tor Sivertstøl photography


Depth of field

Loving the depth of field on the sigma135 mm 1.8 on sony a7lll


Sunny day

Today I`ve tested the Flaslight in the sunlight. Quite impressed with the result.


Portait II (studio)



Portrait I


A perfect day in Lofoten


Røst teaser


From the archive

This is from my time back in NRK, filming for the TV series “Der ingen skulle tru..”

Oddbjørn Selnes tried to save a hurt eagle.


Grasøyane – short film production

The director ready to shoot


Me and Lars


The keeper Gunnar


The film crew working


The bathtub and crew


Actor Viggo and director Ole-Andre


Me and actor Anne Cecilie


Beautiful location when the weather is nice


The lighthouse of Grasøyane


A perfect day









Moving sheeps to Vedøya








Ytste Skotet


From the new gallery Ytste Skotet. You find more on top of the site.


Røst II


Good days in Lofoten, Norway.



The sheep and the dog










Showreel Tindefilm

This a showreel that I´ve filmed and edited. Please turn up the volume and enter full screen, enjoy;)




Gjengen i Nyksund

Some years ago, when I still was an employee in NRK. Travelling all around the country, this is from Nyksund.



This is my best photo. It´s Peter, one of my sons when he was 10 years old.




Winter Drageskaret

Today I’ve filmed a scene in my home area, and of course a timelapse:)





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lady in black II

_V1A9971 Strand19 W


China, Beijing

Earlier this month I travelled to Beijing for making a film about the paper clip artist Karen Bit Vejle. Her mission was to hold a big exhibition in Today Art Museum in Beijing. And my team in Tindefilm was there to make a documentary about her journey in China. The film will be ready in september next year, it will be a visual insight in Karen Bit Vejle´s life and artistic performance.

Here is some photos from our 14 days trip to China:

This was my photo gear suitcase. I tried to bring as litle as possible because we were travelling on tourist visum, and we didn´t want too much attention. I mostly used my Canon 5D MarkIII, but had also a BlackMagic pocket cinema camera as backup. Fantastic to use theese small cameras, and still work as a pro:-)

Rainy under the skies..

And sun over..

Team Tindefilm in the air

Our director Svein-Rune Nyland taking care of the luggage

On the train to the city

We used a lot of time in traffic..

Haircutting in the streets of Beijing

The “taxi-driver” district

Our new company car?

Eating crispy duck

Meeting with Karen Bit Vejle


One of the dragon eggs in the Today Art Museum, Karen Bit Vejle is the artist.

A lot of fine details in the big dragon egg

My small camera rigg in China, a Canon 5D Mark III, a Sony lavalier mic system and a Zoom hanheld recorder on top of the camera.

Our hotel in Beijing

Outside Today Art Museum we found theese strange guys..

And in the same street we found this bike..

This is before the ambassady dinner. From left, our great sound recordist Li Shuo, producer Hilde and director Rune.

Our view from the hotel room

Bit was participating in a huge TV show in China, this is from the make-up room.

Millions of viewers all over China..

We did meet some nice pigs outside Today Art Museum

On our way to the great wall

Me and Bit on the great wall

Here is a video from the subway in Beijing:

Quite cramped..

On Tiananmen Square we met chineese people that wanted to greet us, nice people.

Check out the flag pole..

This is Sara, our guide in Beijing. A fantastic woman that helped us with everything, I don´t think we could manage without her. Thank You Sara!

Team Tindefilm:-)

Waiting for a cab after shopping at the silk street

Our producer Hilde enjoyed go shopping at the silk marked..

And on our way back to Norway we(Hilde:) had to buy a couple of new suitcases to bring all the stuff..

A great journey!




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lady in black

lady in black