Tor Sivertstøl photography

Lysleite – hunting the light


the stairs and the stars



Lysleite was a film I made ​​in 2013. For many years I dreamt of making this film, and in the end of 2012 I had a year’s leave from NRK (My earlier employer).
It became an amazing journey hunting the light, both in the west coast of Norway and north to Lofoten and Vesterålen.

The film became like a life’s work for me, it was awesome just spending time hunting the light that actually exist through dark winter months in Norway .

And now in 2014 Tindefilm received the norwegian tv oscar Gullruten, for best photo for this production. I must admit it was not expected because of other fantastic productions nominated in the same category, like Norway’s most famous nature photographer Arne Nævra with his magnificent series “norwegian natural treasures.”

So I´m very honoured to recieve this reward. And quite proud, because it was just me and my Canon 5D Mark III & II. There was no gyro-filming, no underwater-filming, no drone-filming, etc. But there was beautiful nature and winterlight dancing around. That was good enough.



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