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Weather in may 2020


Hunting the light on Vimeo


My award winning film “hunting the light” is now online on Vimeo with english subtitles and bonus features.


the ruin

This is a short movie from the old church ruin at Røst, Lofoten.




the big star

These two images are quite unique.

It was like magic in the air. We enjoyed the sight of the lighthouse, when it suddenly started to snow. The light reflected the snow, and the magic appeared above.

On the second image, it had stopped snowing. That´s why the light is weaker, but still a nice shot, although the first one is my favorite.



the big star




The ruin no.5



The ruin no.1

I light painted a ruin last week:)

The ruin is an old church from Røst, Lofoten. It was buildt in 1839, but soon it became too small and back in 1899 it was replaced with another church.

A great spot for photography. Soon I will show you more versions of this picture, with more northern light around.


The rainbow evening

I can´t really remember last time I experienced a rainbow like this monday. We had a family gathering at our holiday house, and on our way back home this beautiful rainbow appeared.

We did almost lost the ferry…

First I did use a Sony RX100 IV, but unfortunately the lens was not wide enough. After some running and gunning I took up my Canon 5D MarkIII with a 16mm wide lens.


Åram kirke DSC00511

This is the church of Åram. Here I use the Sony camera.


Ferga på Åram DSC00516

The ferry we took from Åram to Larsnes. Still using the Sony camera.


regnboge _V1A6862

Here I am on board the ferry. Actually is was as yellow/orange as this. Now I use the Canon fullformat camera with the wide lens. I´m very happy I had it in my car.. This picture was impossible with the small Sony camera.


Andre vegen DSC00526

This was the scenery when turning the camera all the way around.


regnboge 2_V1A6876

When arriving further into the fjord, a different light appeared. Not as yellow as earlier. And we still see the second rainbow.


andre vegen _V1A6884

Getting closer to Larsnes. Again I turned the camera all around.


Regnboge 3 _V1A6887

This is Larsnes, my hometown. Nice with the rainbow all around;-)


Regnboge 4 _V1A6902

Of course I could not stop photographing as long as the rainbow followed me. Here I have moved to Gjøneset. The rainbow ends where I photographed the first photos earlier.



Showreel Tindefilm

This a showreel that I´ve filmed and edited. Please turn up the volume and enter full screen, enjoy;)




The circle

The circle


Lysleite, hunting the light (gallery)