Tor Sivertstøl photography


Hi, I´m a photographer from Norway.

In many years I´ve been the cinematographer on the popular tv-show “Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu”(where no one would think that someone could live:) on NRK, the norwegian broadcast company. Many of the photos here are from my trips around the country.

Now I´m the director of photography at Tindefilm, Norway.

In 2013 we made the film Lysleite (hunting the light). This was like a lifework for me, and the film won the norwegian TV oscar Gullruten, category best photo. You´ll find some pictures from the film in one of the galleries above.

Most of the galleries above is from my trips around the country, and you find a litle info about each place in bottom of the gallery/page.

Here is my IMDb profile:

IMDb Tor Sivertstøl

Hope you enjoy.

(C)2014 Tor Sivertstøl, all rights reserved.

(If you like to buy/use any of the photos, please contact me at lofotor@me.com.)

Copyright – Tor Sivertstøl

6 Responses to About

  1. Luckygirl says:

    Your photos and story are amazing! I want to visit your homeland! I like it so much I have nominated you for a Liebster Award – if you are interested, check out my post – http://thegreenerbench.com/2014/09/16/gratitude/

  2. Your photos are amazing ! Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers Angela

  3. Hei – ville gjerne ha teke dronefoto av det samla Lånatunet i Årvika – kva ville dette koste ?
    Takk for tilbakemelding 🙂

    Mvh. Arnhild Thorseth

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