Tor Sivertstøl photography


Hunting the light on Vimeo


My award winning film “hunting the light” is now online on Vimeo with english subtitles and bonus features.

One Response to Hunting the light on Vimeo

  1. Scott Ennis says:

    I watched your film while flying to St. Louis to read some of my poetry that was anthologized in a new book and I wrote this:


    We see the light and yes, it sees us too
    Do we reflect to it in diff’rent ways?
    I think in art and yes, I think we do
    We come and go, yet still our aura stays

    The light beholds the aura we project
    Like cinema that tells a brilliant tale
    Such light is something no one should neglect
    Such light exists so that it may not fail

    If humans fail our light is not replaced
    Like candles offered to some god of old
    Like clouds of time a rainbow once has traced
    Whose colors never linger in the cold

    And yes, all colors disappear at night
    But oh, the morning celebrates our light.


    Written at 37000 ft while watching “Hunting the Light.”

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