Tor Sivertstøl photography



Hm, lately I´ve checked out the 500px.com website. There´s many beautiful pictures, but I think it is too “citchy”.. It´s all about colours (and sunsets).
People love colours, and that´s just fine. But the reality isn´t close to what is shown on the 500px site.
I loose interest in a photo when overkilling with HDR. Stunning colours, yes. But I miss the soul, I want to feel more when looking at a photo. The HDR just gives me a distance to it.
I kind of slip and fall on the slippery feeling these pictures gives me.
And it is not just the HDR, it´s just as much people using the contrast, saturation, etc. In general too much photoshopping. And I´ve done it myself..sorry.

Indeed, there´s stunning photos, but I miss the “edge” of it. Where is the soul of the photographers? I have difficulty to find it.
And of course, many beautiful girls also appears on this website. And that will always be popoular. That´s for shure.

2 Responses to 500px.com

  1. jenny says:

    Photoshop – a gift and a curse, all at once!

  2. hpbirkeland says:

    Jeg fabulerer litt om HDR på bloggen min i dag: http://wp.me/p4jMEp-4o
    Og 500px.com er jo bare summen av medlemmene. Hvis mange nok begynner å legge ut andre bilder der enn disse fargebombene så forandrer det seg. Ja, det er mye “over the top” farger, men også mye bra, synes jeg. Og du har jo noe riktig bra der selv 🙂

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